Kaito - BANG

Friends Only.

☆ 友達だけ(>ω<)☆

♥ Comment to be added -- this journal is officially Friends Only now.
♥ Make sure we have something in common. Go check the user info. Don't add me to make your list bigger.
♥ I may fangirl so if you can't handle that, this journal isn't for you.
♥ I'm really nice when it comes to adding people. I love to meet new friends.
♥ Don't add me, I'll add you. PLEASE leave a comment. I won't be adding people who just randomly list me as their friend.
♥ Don't add me if you really don't plan on commenting much. It bothers me when people want to add me and never comment on my journal. It kind of defeats the purpose.

☆ Happy commenting! ☆